jManage 2.0 - Open Source Application Management

jManage 2.0 is an open source application management platform, which provides a centralized console for managing application clusters and distributed-application environments. jManage platform provides advanced features like Dashboards, Alerts, Graphs, Connectors, Security, SNMP support and more.

Our mission is to provide you a platform to centrally manage and monitor your application environments.

"Great Job! I love where you are taking jManage. It is my team's primary tool when troubleshooting at remote customer sites. Thanks for all the effort and this truly great and simple to use product! IMO - no other product compares to jManage - now with dashboards - we can offer specialized views geared towards our system to further reduce turnaround time in the field." - Jody Brownell

jManage is used for managing applications in Development, QA, Staging and Production environments.
Download jManage here.

Features Screenshot
- Web & command line based JMX console.

- Framework to build "live" and "custom" dashboards.

- Connector framework for managing non-JMX applications.

- Email and console alerts.

- Application heartbeat monitoring.

- Command line interface - Useful for scripting and automation.

- Application Cluster Support - Change attribute values and perform operations across the cluster.

- Authentication and fine-grained Authorization.


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